Pink Out the Night Madison


Wednesday, June 21st


8:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Wisconsin State Capitol
WI 53703
Planned Parenthood patients and supporters will be Pinking the Night Out all across the country and calling on the Senate to protect access to their health care. Everything is on the line for the 2.4 million patients that rely on Planned Parenthood annually, and whose health care is on the chopping block as part of Trumpcare. Planned Parenthood supporters nationwide will rally outside at sunset to light the night sky with Pink and send one message to the Senate: “Do not take away my health care.” Right now the Senate is pushing hard and fast to vote on Trumpcare in the next two weeks. The Senate is working in secret, refusing to hold any hearings or listen to health care experts, on legislation that would be devastating for millions. This is not a drill. If this bill passes, people will be unable to come to Planned Parenthood for care; millions will lose their insurance; and the price of insurance coverage will skyrocket to being unaffordable for too many.
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